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Flavors of Spain, the centuries of tradition that have created them and the loving care lavished on cooking for family and friends.

Our passion for its food encompasses many aspects of Spanish cuisine, as well as traditions and dishes created by its Hispanic cousins in Latin America. So whilst we indulge our love of tapas, we have also embraced Catalonia’s coca - a flatbread that predates pizza - and added the grilled beef beloved by the Basque people to Spain's obsession with pork and seafood.

VickyCristina’s is about love, not history - and our menu is true to the spirit of its inspiration rather than the letter of the lore (yes it's a pun). Traditional dishes share the table with reinterpretations of Spanish flavors, and you'll find some familiar favorites in a different guise. As long as our dishes can be shared and enjoyed over a bottle of wine or jug of Sangria, we'll take the opportunity to showcase the full breadth of Spanish flavors, herbs, and spices.

Our restaurants and menu have been created for enjoyment - yours and ours - and although we take it very seriously, you can relax and savor the moment as much as the meal. Less formal and more inclusive than the word “gourmet” implies, we call it la Vida love food - and invite you to share the love.

Our passion for its food encompasses many aspects of Spanish cuisine

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