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Cash Rentals

VRentals believes that everyone should be able to rent a vehicle and are one of the industry leaders who RENT FOR CASH. No credit card? No insurance? No problem!!! VRentals had established itself as the market leader in Cash Rentals. If you do NOT have a credit or Debit card, we are the only company that can offer a selection of vehicles at low rates for any duration of hire, with a list of mileage options from 100km free a day to unlimited kilometres on weekend rentals and hire periods exceeding 3 days.

Credit and Debit Card Bookings

VRentals is pleased to offer its debit and credit card clients low deposit car rental options . We offer a ZERO EXCESS car rental contract assuring you total peace of mind. Our extensive network allows us to provide a vehicle in any location in South Africa with a wide range of options to suit any budget and taste.

Group Tours

Touring South Africa in a large group or for a sporting event or other? Let VRentals professionally arrange your tour, giving you comfort and allowing you to focus on the beauty of South Africa. Our Professional team with in-depth knowledge and experience will be happy to advise on the best and most cost effective vehicle options available to suit your travel needs. The friendly team will even plan your travel route and offer you a range of travel options making to make your trip a memorable one.

Rent to Own

As a specialised Car and Van Hire firm, VRentals is pleased to offer clients the ability to own the vehicle after a pre agreed rental period. This gives our client the flexibility to pay a monthly amount which be used to offset the cost of the vehicle. Our rent to own options include all services and maintenance thus giving our clients truly HASSLE FREE motoring.

Blacklisted and want to Own a Car or Van?

VRentals as a South African first, offers clients who are listed on a credit Bureau like ITC the ability to own a vehicle.We firmly believe that sometimes economic circumstances beyond an individual’s control results in negative listings and even though these are now resolved, the individual is still unable to access conventional VEHICLE FINANCE. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to get back on the road by offering an incredible ownership options. Terms and Conditions Apply.

VRentals believes that everyone should be able to rent a vehicle

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