VIDEO: Durban Christian Centre Dome Gutted in Fire.

The skyline of Durban was  lit up tonight as the Durban Christian Centre, or Jesus Dome as it is fondly known, burnt in flames. The ferocious flames could be seen from miles away and followers were devastated by the news. We first heard of the devastating news on Twitter shortly after six o’ clock this evening. The Durban Christian Centre Dome is in Mayville, Durban and paralel to the N3.

Many took to social media posting pictures as the flames of the church grew bigger. At this point the public have been urged to please keep clear of the area around the church as they are hampering emergency services. The fire in the church has been blazing for over an hour now and the structure looks gutted.

Firefighters and emergency response teams were on the scene shortly after the fire broke. According to The KZN Emergency Services Twitter account ” There are no injuries reported at the church fire in Durban.”
There have been confirmed reports as to what triggered the fire, however some have mentioned on social media that it was caused by an explosion.

The Durban Christian Centre run by Pastor John and Joy Torrens is not only a leading multi cultural church in Durban, but the Christ Dome forms a nostalgic part of our city skyline.
The public are urged once again to stay away from the area and let the emergency personnel attend to this terrible disaster. You can follow regular updates on our twitter account @iluvdbn where we will keep you posted.

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