Check out Our List of the Top 10 Best coffee shops in Durban!!

We’ve been on the search for Durban’s best coffee spot, after searching far and wide, here are our favourites!
1.) Lola’s – Coastlands
Nothing beats Lola’s Bulletproof coffee in the morning! It’s smooth richness will definitely keep you going all day. The cafe is warm and welcoming with friendly staff and fresh delicious treats!
Lola's Coffee Shop
2.) Vovo Telo
Need a pick me up after your beach run? Need to satisfy a chocolate craving? Or simply get your caffeine fix? Vovo Telo had go you covered.. Situated in the bustling Umhlanga Village there is no storage of interesting sights or people… And the it’s amazing!
3.) Bellevue Cafe
Fancy some time out of the city? Take a drive out to picturesque Kloof and visit the arty and contemporary Bellevue Cafe…The best part? It’s only 25km outside of Durban.
Their Turkish Coffee is a must have, it’s sweet and strong and exactly what you want with the cooler months approaching!
4.) Corner Cafe
The Corner Cafe at the heart of Glenwood is certainly something special! Their relaxed hipster vibe makes it an instagammers heaven. Their offering is single origin, and their cappuccinos are legendary. The place is under a green transition, but no one is sitting around singing Kumbaya – but their just, “just ordinary people trying to save the planet one cappuccino at a time.”
5.) The Bean Green Coffee Roastery
You’re hit with the intoxicating scent of coffee the second you open the door… Fun retro tunes, and a comfy homey atmosphere…it’s minimalism at its best! The only complexity comes from the depth of flavour their coffee has to offer. The best of Ethiopian coffee – they roast it, they brew it, they drink it.

@ coffee durban

@coffee – Florida Road

6.) @Coffee
Winner of I Love Durban’s Best Cappuccino 2013 – this Florida Road spot combines our love for technology and coffee.
7.) Woolworths
Still our favourite! It’s consistently good and you can their soy milk cappuccino is the best.
8.) Factory cafe
It’s an airy industrial space. It’s the epitome of cool. And the artisan coffee is exceptional.. Fresh roasted coffee from the Colombo Coffee Roastery on the premises makes all the difference. The crowd is young hip and tech savvy.
9.) Jacksonville
Located in the Moses Mabhida Staduim – it’s the perfect spot for a quick coffee during your work day. The coffee is complex and sophisticated, and their range of delicious healthy muffins is exactly what you need to complete the coffee experience.
Freedom Cafe
10.) Freedom cafe
One of the most unique cafe experiences Durban has to offer. The cafe is inside of an upcycled shipping container. It’s quirky and colourful and modern. The food is artisan and incredibly good, but the highlight is their baked good that pair brilliantly with their strong flavourful coffee.

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