10 Things to do in Durban on a cold Day.

Durbanites are always flaunting our warm weather to the rest of the world. However, many of us hibernate in our homes as soon as it gets a bit cold in Durban.
When temperatures in Durban plummet to anything below 15 degrees, it feels like the Antarctic! Don’t let the cold weather stop you . Here is our list of the top 10 things to do when it’s cold in Durban.
1. Hot crab Curry at Brittania, Umgeni Road, Durban

If you are in the mood for a hot curry, and by hot we mean hot, hot!! Then you must try out the crab curry at one of Durban’s finest curry spots.

crab curry

Crab Curry – Durban

2. Enjoy Freshly baked Artisan Breads from Vovo Telo, Umhlanga
There’s something magical about the smell of freshly baked bread. Vovo Telo in Umhlanga bakes beautiful artisan breads, which are perfect with hot beverage.
vovo telo

Freshly Baked Artisan Breads – Vovo Telo

3. Have a Massage at Teremok Spa, Umhlanga
Their secluded, boutique spa in Umhlanga looks even more intriguing when it’s cold in Durban. The canopy of trees and ambience is perfect for a warm, relaxing massage.
Teremok Spa

Teremok Spa – Umhlanga

4. Coffee at @Coffee in Florida Road, Durban
You can enjoy Durban’s best coffee at our favourite coffee joint on Florida Road. There’s nothing like a great cup of cappuccino, to get you warmed up.
@ coffee durban

@coffee – Florida Road

5. Catch a Movie at Prestige Cinema’s Gateway, Umhlanga
If you haven’t experienced the luxury of the Prestige Cinema in Gateway, you are missing out! The huge, reclining seats are so comfortable; it’s hard to stay awake. We love that you can have your food and drinks served to you!
6. Hang out at Waxy O’ Connor’s Irish Pub, Westville
The warmth, chatter, beer and great food are the perfect recipe for a great night out on a cold day. Why watch sport alone at home, when you can hang out here.
7. Explore the Durban Natural Science Museum, Durban CBD
There’s so much to see and explore at the Natural Science Museum. From a dinosaur replica to beautiful butterflies, the list of things to see is endless. And the best part….it’s free.
8. Cook a Durban Potjie around a Bonfire
If it’s too cold in Durban for a braai, get the family and friends around a fire and cook up an awesome potjie. Lamb, oxtail or chicken, it will surely warm you up.
potjie durban

Potjie on a Fire

9. Book dinner at a sea facing restaurant and watch the storm over the ocean
Watching a storm at sea, is one of the most spectacular performances put on by Mother Nature. Relax with a bottle of wine and delicious food and watch the amazing show.
lightning storm durban

Lighting Storm – Durban

10. Wear those winter coats and boots and hit Florida Road or Umhlanga Village
If you are feeling a bit adventurous, or looking for an excuse to wear those fashionable winter jackets and boots, then get geared up and head down to the hotspots in the city. Umhlanga Village has a night market once a month on a Friday too!
umhlanga village

Umhlanga Village

We hope that you get to try some of these great things to do when it’s cold in Durban!

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