Meet us under the mistletoe – feels like home
As the warmer weather draws the yuletide season ever closer, leaders in décor and design, Decorex SA, have begun to unwrap the 2018 festive trends and revealed how they can be beautifully incorporated into South African homes.Anita Bloom, Creative Director at Decorex SA, said the spirit of the 2019 trends was creating a comfortable space, away from the daily demands of life, where time could be spent together with friends and family: “Christmas is about doing things we just don’t have time to do the rest of the year – cherishing our loved ones and just spending some time on ourselves.”Translated into décor trends, this Christmas will see a convergence of traditional celebrations and contemporary style for the home. Expect classical table settings comprising crystal glassware, fine china and sleek flatware among traditional holiday décor such as wreaths, candles and fruits. But there is a much more modern edge brought in through mixed materials, warm metallics and artisan-style dinnerware.Decorex SA outlines the festive season trends and how to interpret them…Minimalist…with sparkleThe Scandinavian simple, clean lines and muted tones are sprinkling their way into the 2018 festive décor, balancing the excess and decadence that so often dominates this particular holiday. Silvers, whites and sleek edges are characterising the table décor with glossy surfaces reflecting the twinkling Christmas lights. Softened metallics – copper, gold, brass and bronze – also bring warm tones, but must be used sparingly.Décor Ideas: marble-like baubles; clean-lined candleholders; long-stemmed candles in whites and silvers with a subtle glitter finish; metallic cutlery; brass and zinc candlesticks; copper tree buckets.
(Credit: @home The Homeware Store)    (Credit: @home The Homeware Store)   (Credit: @home The Homeware Store)Circles, mirror and glassThe festive décor is further extended by incorporating on-trend circular mirrors throughout the dining room space, working well to break the linear designs. This echoes the silvers and gloss of the minimalist trend, bringing in a subtle Christmas feel without overwhelming guests. Glass, in all shapes and forms, is also proving an effective festive material with handblown glass offering a sense of welcome imperfection.Décor Ideas: hanging mirrors as Christmas tree decorations; large mirrors over serving areas; hanging glass lanterns; handblown glass baubles; circular glass candle holders; stemless and rounded wine glasses
(Credit: @homelivingspace) (Credit: @home The Homeware Store)Monochrome geometricThis is a refreshing way to keep things cool as the summer days enter the home. Ideal for apartment and studio living, geometric shapes – alongside muted greys and blues – create a serene space that invite a touch of sparkle. For a moodier space, go for darker tones of grey, even black, with candles and ferns to bring in some festive life.

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