EThekwini Municipality has embarked on a number of water awareness campaigns to educate residents on ways to conserve water as the drought situation in the province worsens.
Yesterday, 04 November 2015, a drought awareness and water conservation road show was held in the Waterloo area. The road show aimed to increase knowledge on the drought and educate residents on how best to conserve water.
Waterloo residents had the opportunity to engage with Municipal officials to learn more about the current drought crisis as their area is one of the worst affected by the drought. The community’s water is supplied by the Hazelmere Dam whose water levels stand at 27.5%.
The community was also informed about interventions made to address the drought situation.
Ward 58 Councillollr Mxolisi Ndzimbomvu said the drought road shows were part of the Municipality’s continuing water educational programmes in communities.
“The drought is a reality and we can all make a difference by using water sparingly. Every drop of water saved can make a difference. Let us practice water saving measures such as re-using water,” said Ndzimbomvu.
Several areas in the north of Durban are experiencing water restrictions imposed by the City to reduce the water demand from the Hazelmere system and Thongathi River.
The restrictions have been implemented to ensure continuous supply is maintained.

Top 10 Tips to Save Water:

◦ Install a low-flow shower head and tap aerators on all taps.
◦ Install a multi-flush or dual-flush mechanism in the toilet. A multi-flush device allows the user to choose exactly how much water goes to waste when pressing the handle. A dual-flush device has a short flush button for liquids and a longer flush button for solids.
◦ Plant water-wise indigenous plants.
◦ Water gardens only in early morning or the evening and only when necessary.
◦ Install garden drip irrigation on flower beds and sprayers on lawns.
◦ Collect rainwater for re-using on the garden or washing the car.
◦ Use a broom instead of a hosepipe when cleaning driveways or patios.
◦ Insulate hot water pipes so that not too much water is wasted when waiting for water to get hot.
◦ Cover your swimming pool to reduce water evaporation.
Water restrictions are being implemented in the following areas; Waterloo, Riyadh, Umdloti Beach, Mount Moreland, Canelands, Verulam CBD, Tongaat CBD, Belvedere, Emona, Chelmsford, Van Rova, Ghandi’s Hill, Metcalf, Magwaveni, Amanzimyama, Fairbreeze and Burbreeze.
Water Shortages in KZN
The Municipality is also dispatching water tankers to supply water in affected areas. Residents are urged to allow water tankers to service all areas equally to ensure everyone receives water.
The City further appeals to residents to use water sparingly in their homes and to co-operate with all implemented measures to save water.
EThekwini residents are urged to report illegal water connections and water leaks by calling 080 1313013.
Residents can also sms 083 707 3013 or email Eservices@durban.gov.za

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