Durban, South Africa – 3 May.
Durban never disappoints when it comes to creating and supporting the drama and theatrics of football. The Heineken House of Drama at Views@25 was where it all went down last night, and locals came out in full force to watch Liverpool take on Roma.

The events in Joburg and Cape Town were both great successes, but Durban really brought the house down as passionate supporters of the game together with homegrown soccer legends and celebrities such as Minnie Dlamini and Macbeth brought it all to life for the third and final edition of the regional House of Drama viewing party. The vibe and drama were undeniable as the two teams fought for their chance of glory and a spot in the UEFA Championship League final. The air was filled with thrill and excitement as an intense game of show-stopping football was on display on massive screens for all to watch with bated breath and an ice-cold Heineken in hand.

Big names such Chris Jaftha, Kamza Mbatha, Sphectacula and DJ Naves joined Minnie Dlamini and Macbeth Sibaya to serve up some extra drama during the night. As the referee signalled the end of the game and the winners Roma came out victorious, the celebrations and drama continued into the night as Sphe & Naves hit the decks with some massive tunes. From the Heineken slow-motion photo booth to the laid back yet premium setting of the venue, every detail was accounted for in making this a night for Durban to remember.

“What a legendary night with Heineken SA in my hood as Liverpool went head to head with Roma. All bets were off. There were a few dramatic encounters as the guys were competing for glory. It was a great match. Looking forward to seeing who will win this year’s league finals. The suspense is alive and it’s going to be an interesting final filled with suspense and of course, drama. Looking forward to a legendary final night with Heineken at the end of May,” said Macbeth.
The regional House of Drama events in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban have come to an epic conclusion, but the theatrics won’t finish here as Heineken takes you on a dramatic journey to the UEFA Championship League final and final House of Drama at Nasrec on 26 May. Heineken SA will be dropping some top local names and one big international superstar. Believe us when we say, it will be a blockbuster night of suspense, dramatics and theatrics.
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