The KZN Coast is still experiencing excellent fishing all along its coastline. Excellent catches of various species have come through.

The annual migration of vast shoals of sardines [pilchards] up the Natal coast is a spectacular sight and if you are around you must enjoy some freshly caught and fried crispy

It is the sardine run, a fantastic, annual phenomenon that occurs during one of the premium holiday periods, and the game fish that follow it, that attracts many a person to take up rod and reel and `go fishing”.

Surf and estuary fishing is about as old as the Port of Natal, Durban.

During the summer months, the warm Mozambique current makes its way close to shore and brings with it a fair concentration of a wide variety of game fish including King Mackerel, Tuna, Bonito and Dorado, with a fair number of Striped Marlin also being caught each year. Reef fishing for species such as Black and Red Steenbras, Kob, Yellowtail and Rockcod in winter is best enjoyed in a spicy fish curry with local spices. You will be thoroughly spoiled for fishing stories.

Durban, as the only port, supports a fair number of offshore charter craft and private vessels in this class. These vessels, together with the high-class hotels, offers visitors to this part of the world an opportuity to experience the pleasures of a day at sea off the coast of Natal.