In 2010 The Durban International Airport relocated to King Shaka International Airport. Domestic as well as international airlines fly to Durban. A passport/travel document will be required to allow entry and regulations surrounding this differs according to your country of origin.

The best bus service is the well-organised Durban People Mover which operates three routes in the city, including a connection from the city centre to the beachfront. Day passes are available. Buses run between 0630-2300.

A more extensive network is available through Durban Transport’ Mynah bus service which covers many of Durban’s suburbs.

A network of local trains links the city centre with the outlying suburbs and a number of other towns in the region. These are operated by Metrorail Within the city, an alternative form of transport is offered by Bangkok-style tuk-tuks, while along the Golden Mile a popular distraction for visitors are the colourful Zulu rickshaws.


There are two types of taxi in Durban: metered cabs, which must be booked by telephone from a specific location, and the ubiquitous minibus taxis, which can be hailed on the street.

Car Hire

Car hire operators are widely available.

Bicycle Hire

Bicycle hire in Durban is generally arranged through the accommodation provider.