The people in Durban, are all richly culturally diversed of African, Western and Eastern influences. The Zulu people settled in Durban way before the 1820’s, thereafter the Europeans settled in Durban too.

The Indian people were brought in as labourers to work in the cane fields, and later followed traders and business people from all over the world, but still the today stands the most interesting unique blend of African, Indian and European cultures.

Zululand is the heart of the the famous Zulu nation which was founded by King Shaka. It is so rich in history with rural villages and small farming towns.

To experience the Zulu culture, Shakaland is only a 2 hour drive from Durban. It would be an unforgettable experience of Zulu dancing, spear making and beer-drinking.

Durban is known as the friendliest city in South Africa thanks to the great warmth and openness of its people and the laid-back lifestyle that everyone enjoys.