Durban’s cuisine is as unique as the city itself. A melting pot (excuse the pun) of mixed flavors and spice, one has truly not experience the city until you have sampled the local dishes.

One of Durban’s crowning food jewels is the ‘bunny chow’. If you have come to Durban and not had one, consider your trip incomplete. It is a simple and delicious dish consisting of a beef, mutton, chicken or bean curry stuffed into a hollowed-out quarter, half or full loaf of bread.

Sampling a Durban curry is a must for any visitor who can handle the heat and the aptly named Indian Quarter or the suburb of Greyville are the best places to start.

For equally spicy food, local Portuguese eateries offer plenty of piri piri, cinnamon and black pepper, invoking images of Durban’s colonial history.

Being a coastal town, fresh seafood, with Mozambican langoustines or prawns are available by the truckload and you will be spoiled for choice.

Traditional Zulu cuisine such as boiled chicken feet and heads (or ‘walkie-talkies’ as they are called), ‘smiley’s’ (boiled sheep heads), pap or uphuthu(hard maize porridge) or mogodu(tripe) whets your appetite, hire a guide and head into the heart of Zululand.