One of the busiest ports on the African continent, Durban is the third largest city located on the East Coast of South Africa. Displaying a warm sub-tropical climate alongside miles of soft, sandy swimming beaches, Durban is the most important sun, surf and tropical tourist destination of South Africa.

Originally called Port Natal by British settlers, Durban is currently home to over 4.5 million residents who are ethnically diverse exhibiting a cultural richness of mixed beliefs and traditions.

Apart from tourism, other contributions to a large and diversified economy include manufacturing, transportation, finance and governmental sectors.

Thanks to the beautiful weather, Durban is literally green and beautiful, throughout the year.

Durban is also recognized for its well-preserved art deco and Victorian architecture, especially on the embankment and the Berea, Durban packed with entertainment has a unique story to tell.

Served by the King Shaka International Airport, Durban is also conveniently accessible by bus, train and boats.