Ebola Talks At ACI Conference In Durban As Industry Leaders Converge

Ebola was placed under the spotlight in Durban as the  23rd Airports Council International (ACI) Africa Regional Assembly officially commenced yesterday. The conference is hosted this year by ACSA (Airports Company South Africa). The government representatives and airport leaders tabled the biggest outbreak of the Ebola virus to date onto their agenda.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Ms Lydia, Sindisiwe Chikunga started her delivery by reiterating the South African government’s support of ACI members greatly affected and battling the virus as well as their commitment to reducing the spread across boarders.

Ebola Aid Workers

Ebola Aid Workers

As the outbreak has spread to country’s capitals, many fear that planes harbor the potential to be carriers of the virus. A number of airlines including Kenya Airways, British Airways, Air Côte d’Ivoire, Arik and Asky have discontinued air travel in and out of the region whilst many others greatly cut back on their flights.
Airlines play a huge part in helping to prevent the spread of the disease. “Germs have always traveled. The problem now is they can travel with the speed of a jet plane,” Howard Markel, a professor of the history of medicine at the University of Michigan, told the New York Times recently.
Ebola Can Be Spread Through Travel Via Planes

Ebola Can Be Spread Through Travel Via Planes

South African Measures To Prevent The Spread To Our Country

In August this year, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi stated that South Africa had issued a immediate travel ban on non-citizens from affected countries.
“A total travel ban for all non-citizens travelling from these high-risk countries (Guinea, Kenya and Sierra Leone), unless the travel is considered absolutely essential,” he stated.
He went on to state that, “For citizens of South Africa who wish to travel to these countries, they will be requested to delay their travel unless it is absolutely essential for them to travel.”
South Africans coming from such West African countries would be subjected to a strict screening process, and medically examined if need be.

Thermal Scanners Which Detect High Temperatures Amongst Pasangers at O.R. Tambo Airport

Thermal Scanners Which Detect High Temperatures Amongst Passengers at O.R. Tambo Airport

The South African government is taking all necessary measures to prevent Ebola from spreading here. The government has set-up a national response team in case of an outbreak.  Eleven hospitals have been designated as Ebola treatment centers and stringent screening measures are also being implemented at ports of entry.
Ebola Virus - What You Need To Know

Ebola Virus – What You Need To Know

The death toll from the outbreak has reached over 4000 in Western Africa. What are your thoughts on how South Africa has handled the crisis so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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