INVESTIGATIONS are underway at Umbilo SAPS today after the station commissioner received an envelope which exploded on opening, and scattered a fine white powder over the office.
Rumours that Anthrax was found in the envelope have yet to be confirmed by the Police. Tests are currently being done.
According to communications officer, Sgt Beverley Manqele, it is alleged a man arrived at the station with an envelope addressed to the station commissioner, Col Mkhize.
“Col Mkhize opened the envelope, and there was a loud bang, like a bomb, and powder scattered all over. The five people in the office at the time were not allowed out and no one except the bomb squad was allowed in,” she said.
Divisional commissioner Owen Singh from the Fire Brigade told Berea Mail at the scene that his team was taking precautionary measures as the white powder could be a biological agent.
“We are verifying whether it is a threat or a hoax and are following safety precautions. We have our biological chemical unit and the SAPS explosives unit conducting tests and executing standard operating procedures,” he said.

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