We received may calls of concern from fans when clouds of black bellowing smoke could be seen coming out of the Durban CBD. The black smoke was visible almost 20km from the scene of the fire.
Two lanes on the Hullets M4 South freeway bridge are closed off, after a veld fire this morning went out of control setting alight Liquefied petroleum gas bottles at a nearby plant which resulted in an explosion.

Durban Fire - Pic Credit @emergassist Twitter

Durban Fire – Pic Credit @emergassist Twitter

Fire in Durban today - Pic Source @LueWiki Twitter
EThekwini Municipality’s Fire and Emergency Services fought tirelessly to put out the fire which also destroyed trucks and wooden pallets.
Due to the excessive heat and flames there was a threat to the concrete structure supporting the M4 South freeway and there was structural damage to the bridge. City engineers have been tasked with assessing the structural damage.
Durban Fire on The M4 - Source @KeeganPadayache Twitter

Durban Fire on The M4 – Source @KeeganPadayache Twitter

Durban Fire on The M4 - Source @KeeganPadayache Twitter

Durban Fire on The M4 – Source @KeeganPadayache Twitter

The M4 South freeway was initially closed off in both directions but two of the four lanes going in the south and north directions have since been re-opened. The remaining two closed off lanes will be reopened after repairs, which could take a few months.
There were no reported casualties, however a Fireman was injured when he impaled his foot on a nail. He was treated on scene by paramedics.
The fire has since been extinguished and some salvage work is being conducted.
Meanwhile, a fire was also reported at Blundell Road vehicle pound in Queensburgh last night. The extent of the damage is being assessed and can only be established upon completion of the investigation. No injuries were reported.

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