Fire breaks out at Gateway and Jewellery store robbed, in two separate incidents today.

Social media platforms were abuzz with reports of two separate incidents  at the Gateway Shopping Centre in Durban this afternoon. In the first incident  a jewellery store was robbed by armed gunmen and a few hours later a restaurant caught alight!
According to reports on East Coast Radio and ecrnewswatch, the fire broke out at the My Diner Restaurant and emergency rescue personnel were dispatched immediately.

“It started in the kitchen of the My Diners restaurant. Earlier black smoke could be seen billowing into the sky.
Firefighters as well as other emergency services are on the scene where a crowd of people have  also gathered. Officials say no one was hurt.”


Narandas Jewellers at Gateway in KwaZulu-Natal was robbed by three armed men on this afternoon.
According to the Northglen News, they opened fire at security officers who were responding to the robbery at Narandas Jewellers.
The suspects, who fled in a BMW, were involved in a high-speed chase between local security companies and the Durban North SAPS, NorthGlen News reported.
According to Marshall Security’s Kyle van Reenen, the suspects abandoned their vehicle on Umhlanga Ridge Boulevard near the shopping centre before fleeing on foot.

The car was recovered near Gateway. Picture: Northglen News

There has been no official statement from the Gateway Shopping Centre management or social media accounts regarding the incidents.
We have had more than our fair share of fires. Recently a massive fire gutted the Durban Christian Centre in Mayville, KwaZulu-Natal only a few weeks ago. No injuries were reported.
Eyewitnesses reported hearing a large explosion followed by a thick cloud of smoke at the complex, which is next to the M3 highway. Fire then consumed the centre, including one of the largest churches in Durban: a 5 500-seat auditorium known as the Jesus Dome.
Source: northglenews and ecrnewswatch

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