Friday Night Has Some Great Live Entertainment To Serenade You. Find All The Acts In And Around Durban Here!!

There are some great live acts playing in Durban tonight. Durban is well known for hosting a number of genres of live music. Tonight’s line up includes Durban music legend, Steve Fataar.

Steve Fataar At Zacks On Windermere

Former guitarist for the Flames, Steve Fataar, will be playing a live set at Zacks on Windermere tonight. The Flames was a musical group from Durban. The band was originally formed in 1963 by guitarist Steve Fataar, bassist, Edries Fataar, drummer George Faber and guitarist Eugene Champion. The group who broke up in 1970, allowed Steve to explore a solo music career. He has since established hhiself as one of the most successful guitarists to come out of Durban.

Steve Fataar

Steve Fataar

Home Bru’d Live

Home Bru’d is a new and upcoming Alternative Rock band from Durban heading towards the stage lights. Although new to the music scene, we are determined to make a name for ourselves and hope to share our energy and passion with the Durban audience. Our end goal is to elevate the audience’s spirit and help people feel alive and connected through music.
The laid back alternative rock band pair be performing live at Cool Runnings. The talented cover band put a spin on everything they perform and sing with a unique authenticity. Covering Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Blur, & more.

Home Bru'd

Home Bru’d

Brawl Of The Bands

The Winston Pub is well know for great live performances, especially rocking alternative music. Today sees the finale of their Brawl Of The Bands. Fans can expect the finalists, Sisters, Existing Consciousness, The Volsunga Saga, Scrapyard Bones to go head to head one last time. After tonight they will determine who the genuine victors will be. It’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be wild and nothing like you’ve experienced before. The bands will be coming in guns blazing and ready to jam so gear up and prepare for the messiest part of the brawl.

The Winstons Brawl Of The Bands

The Winstons Brawl Of The Bands

Enjoy all the great entertainment and be safe.
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