FUELLING Durban’s Future is the theme for this year’s GO!Durban stand at the eThekwini Municipality’s Sustainable Living Exhibition which takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from Friday, 19 August to Sunday, 21 August.
GO!Durban, the new integrated rapid public transport network, will present visitors to the Expo with an opportunity to experience and learn all about the City’s roll-out of its non-motorised transport (also known as NMT) network, an integral part of the sustainability of the future of transport for all the people in the metropole.
Sharlene Versfeld, GO!Durban public relations and communications officer, said the NMT plays a key role in creating a greener future for Durban.
“It refers to modes of transport without the use of motors such as walking, cycling, running, as well as small wheeled transport such as skateboards and of course, wheelchairs and push chairs.”
Visitors to the stand will be able to sit on a stationary bicycle and pedal while going on a virtual tour of NMT routes that are already constructed and in use within the City.”
While taking this virtual tour, various places of interest will be highlighted to further demonstrate how NMT opens access to spaces and places for people within a City.
“City planners and engineers have included a complex network of NMT routes into the overall GO!Durban planning, which eventually will link various nodes within the City making it easier for people to go places without having to rely on buses, taxis and cars,” said Versfeld.
The NMT network includes bicycle lanes, walkways and bridges for pedestrians for commuter and recreational purposes. The development of the NMT alongside a new more efficient public transport system means the reduction in the need for people to rely on vehicles.
Versfeld said this will help to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, which means less carbon emissions and cleaner air. She added that creating a culture of walking and cycling will encourage citizens to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.
“This will also support a more enriched culture for walking tourism where people feel safe and free to explore the city on foot. “NMT offers economic benefits too. Bike sales, rentals, and maintenance are all opportunities linked to a bike-riding culture, as are the expected small businesses such as refreshments stops and the like that are expected to pop up as a result.”
The Sustainable Living Exhibition will take place 9am to 5pm, entrance is free and everyone is welcome.
Source: highwaymail.co.za

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