Finally South Africans can get their hands on a pair of Google’s famous Glass hardware. Online shopping website has announced that a limited amount of Google Glass stock has been made available for order right now – for R27 000.
Glass is being made available in two different styles – Google Glass Black with split style frames, and Google Glass Black with edge style frames.
“Glass is a wearable computer, created by Google’s Project Glass, with an optical head mounted display. It has the ability to take photos and record 720p HD video, and can be controlled using Voice Actions. The Explorer version of Google Glass uses a Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS), field-sequential colour, LED illuminated display,” explained.
Glass has been in made available in beta form until recently to US residents only, at cost of $1 500 for a pair.
The pairs that are available in South Africa are part of the Diane von Furstenberg collection, after the Belgian fashion designer was roped in to create and unveil a new, better-looking (and more wearable) collection.
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