The Color Run South Africa is sending two lucky superheroes to experience The Happiest 5K on the Planet in Paris.
The Color Run South Africa has just wrapped up one of its most successful seasons to date, as the Superhero Tour painted cities and towns across the length and breadth of the country all shades of happy.
At the start of the season, The Color Run asked participants to share an inspiring story of a personal superhero in their lives to social media. Madelyn Janse van Rensburg from Hilton was chosen as the lucky winner.
Madelyn’s story touched us all. She chose her dad as her personal superhero.
“He was diagnosed with polio at 18 months old, and has had a physical disability ever since. However, he has never once let that get him down, or stop him from achieving his goals. ‘Mind over matter’ and ‘turn your obstacles into your motivation to succeed’ are his mottos in life. He is my superhero because he is a real go getter and has such a positive outlook on life,” she says.
With prize sponsor Marriott International providing accommodation to make this incredible trip possible, Madelyn and a partner are about to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
They will be hosted at the stunning Marriott Renaissance Paris La Defense Hotel, and Madelyn will receive Marriott Rewards Platinum status for one year, providing lounge access, late check out and a platinum arrival gift.
While Madelyn leads an active life, she’s also one for a bit of adventure. “The Color Run is such a unique experience – I just had to try it. Once I did, I was hooked!” she says. And, like many Color Runners, it was about more than just having fun for Madelyn. The Color Run is built on the premise that all of us are responsible for building better communities – and if you can do that while having a blast, everyone wins.
“Having fun is great, but having fun whilst doing good is even better,” she says.
The Color Run is operated on four main principles: be healthy, be happy, be an individual, and help those around you. As such, the event encourages all participants to allocate a charity to which funds will be donated by The Color Run, at no extra cost to Color Runners.
The Color Run wishes Madelyn bon voyage. We know you will fly our colourful flag high and enjoy spreading some warm South African laughter at The Happiest 5K in Paris!

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