EThekwini weather update on the Wind Storms in Durban.

EThekwini Municipality would like to clarify the hoax weather warnings being circulated via e-mail and on social networking sites.
The Disaster Management and Emergency Control Unit have not issued an advisory regarding gale force winds today and have neither received one from the SA Weather Services.
While heavy winds have been predicted tonight, residents have not been encouraged to remain indoors as the hoax statement suggests.
The normal wind speeds will reach up to 55 kilometres between 2pm and 8pm tonight. The wind gusts, those sudden rushes of wind, will peak at about 72kms.
The forecast is projected for the entire night. Predictions are that there will be a drop in wind speed at sunrise tomorrow, 3 November 2015.
Residents are advised to be cautious during this period particularly those in the informal settlements who are urged to attempt to secure roof sheeting as heavy winds could cause damage to the sheeting. Tacking the roof with extra nails or adding some weight to the sheeting might assist to hold it in place.
Some parts of Durban are currently without electricity as a result of strong winds affecting electricity cables. A light pole has fallen in Rutherford Street, South Beach due to the heavy winds. The situation is being addressed.
According to the hoax posts on social media is stated the following: “EThekwini Municipality’s Emergency Control and Disaster Management Unit would like to warn residents of gale force winds expected to hit Durban this evening and tomorrow. This was posted on various social media sites and on the Rescue Care Facebook fan page.
Wind volumes this afternoon are predicted at 40km/h and are expected to reach up to 70km/h overnight into tomorrow morning. This could result in damage to structures, cause trees to fall and result in traffic congestion where these impact on roadways. Wave heights are predicted to rise to between 3-4 meters and this could present a threat to bathers and surfers.
Residents, particularly those in the informal settlements, are requested to attempt to secure roof sheeting as heavy winds could cause damage to them. Tacking the roof with extra nails or adding some weight to the sheeting might assist to hold it in place.”
The hoax posts warned all residents are advised to be cautious during this period and stay indoors for safety purposes.
The City requests all effected customers to bear with us and report power outages to the Electricity Call Centre (080 13 13 111) in order for our teams to speedily attend to the affected areas. Customers are urged to report a fault once and use their allocated reference number to follow up on the progress of their enquiry.
Beaches remain closed due to the windy conditions. No bathers are allowed on the beach.


High Waves and Rough Seas in Durban

In district one (North), all beaches are closed until tomorrow due to the high winds. While there have been no incidents reported, shark nets have been lifted by the Sharks Board.
District 7, Brighton and Bluff, beaches remain closed to bathers as do the beaches in District 10 (Central) which include EThekwini, Brighton beach and Durban Country Club beaches. Sharks nets have been lifted at the beaches in this district.
In District 5 (South) no incidents have occurred. Only shark nets at Winkelspruit and Toti have been lifted therefore the beaches are closed. Other beaches that have been closed due to the adverse weather conditions include Umgababa, Warnerdoone, Reunion and Pipeline beaches.
The City’s Parks Department has two tree teams on standby given the adverse weather conditions. Another tree team is on standby and will assist if needed.
The Emergency Control and Disaster Management Unit is monitoring the situation. All emergency calls should be logged to 031 361 0000.

Wind Damage in Durban.

According to the Rescue care Facebook fan page, the strong winds currently in Durban have caused a tree to fall on a vehicle on Clark Road just before Bulwer Road just after 2:30pm today.


Wind Damage in Durban – Picture Credit: Rescue care Facebook Fanpage – Check out the page for more information.

Rescue Care Paramedics were called to a person entrapped in the vehicle however on their arrival paramedics found the driver uninjured on the scene. He was extremely lucky to escape unharmed from the wreckage. Paramedics assessed the man and gave him a clean bill of health.
Rescue Care Paramedics are urging all motorists to be careful in these extremely strong winds we are experiencing.

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