Humpback Whales all around Durban today!!

humpback whales 1
The coast of Durban was busy with a traffic of a different kind!! Over the past few days the beautiful, majestic humpback whales made quite a few appearances during their Antarctic – Mozambique Channel Migration.
humpback whales 2
Each year, just south of Maroantsetra at Baie d’Antogil between July and September, one of nature’s most fascinating migrations can be observed. Hundreds of humpback whales (Megaptera Novaeangliae) swim by the shores of Madagascar during their annual Indian Ocean migrations making their way from nutrient-rich Antarctic waters northward to the warmer waters around Baie d’Antogil, where they spend the winter months looking for mates, breeding and birthing before returning to Antarctica. The whales swim past Durba en route to Baie d’Antogil, where they are often sighted.
humpback whales 3
It is estimated that close to 1000 whales visit Madagascar each season, with up to several hundred of these in Baie d’Antogil at any given time. Many charter companies offer boat trips out to see these magnificent giants of the ocean.
Humpbacks also other areas on the western coast of Madagascar when swimming up the Mozambique Channel. The best time to observe the humpbacks are between early July and mid-September. Migration times may vary from year to year. Sometimes it is possible to see whales as early as mid- to late June, or as late as October.
humpback whales 4
Try going out on a day when the water is calm to maximize your chances of observing these creatures and their acrobatics – although the conditions on the coast of Durban may vary widely, so the water may be calm in one area and rough in another. When you organize your trip, you must ensure that you go out with experienced and trained guides and reliable boat operators.

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