9GAG, Inc. operates an online platform, and a social media website where users can upload and share user-generated images, videos, and GIFs.
9GAG, Inc. is based in Mountain View, California. With a following of over 18 million fans on Facebook, this image went viral within a few hours.
It was great for us to see the reaction of the world when the image got out there. Durban is one of the most underrated cities in the world.
It’s a natural paradise known for its gorgeous coastline of sun-kissed beaches and subtropical climate. The City is built around one of the busiest ports in Africa and our people are our pride.
Durban focuses on providing visitors with a unique set of experiences that go beyond the beach and into the realm of Durban’s diverse culture, urban lifestyle and scenic diversity. The City of Durban is an elegant, mature and ambitious city.
We are trendsetters that offer a great lifestyle, speckled with adventure activities, blessed with natural beauty and is an astonishingly liveable city. Whether you here as a business delegate or a leisure traveler there is a warm African flavor that will capture your heart forever!!!

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