KwaZulu-Natal’s beauty enthusiasts, social media influencers, beauty bloggers, brides, grooms, and bridal parties are set to be part of South Africa’s first and largest beauty-inspired event coming to Durban in March.
The newly revamped and upgraded NWJ Bridal and Beauty Experience, taking place at the Durban Exhibition Centre, from 2 to 4 March, is set to provide locals with SA’ first truly interactive experience into the latest worldwide beauty trends.
Taking inspiration form the New York, Los Angeles and London Beautycon festivals and influencers such as Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, and the Jenner and Kardashian sisters, the NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience aims to celebrate the Millennial generation’s impact on the future of the beauty industry and show local influencers that just about anyone can become a household name by creating a (very) successful living for themselves in the beauty industry thanks to the power of social media.
Instagram, the medium of choice for these beauty mavens, is as a result of the changing Millennial consumer. Catalyst, a global research NPO, found that the Millennial generation (born between 1984 to 2004) currently account for 15% of the global workforce and, by 2025, is estimated to escalate to 75%. Recognising the buying power of this digitally savvy market is what these beauty icons recognise as the future of the beauty industry.
In South Africa, Millennials are no different according to a survey by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Of the 19,5 billion Millennials surveyed, 78% were employed and economically active, with 62 % admitting to out-of-budget buying habits.
Recognising the future of this unique symbiotic relationship between Instagram influencers and brands in SA is Yasmin Kathoria, Creative Director of The NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience which brings to our shores the first beauty show of its kind; showcasing cutting-edge beauty trends with bridal masterclasses, hair and make-up tutorials, brow artistry, male-grooming trends and make-over shows by collaborating with social media influencers and beauty brand ambassadors.
“Beauty is a recession-proof industry and is broadening in its terminology; individual expression has come to the fore; make-up artists, models, hairdressers, barbers, models, and celebrities, who dare to push the limits of traditional beauty to accentuate identity, are being recognised as a powerful marketing tools just by being themselves on their social media platforms,” says Kathoria.
The stats back up Kathoria’s views; according to a global case study performed by Marketing Solutions company, McCann Bucharest, 83% of women worldwide view beauty as a “non-negotiable” part of their lives, even in tough economic times; based on the beliefs that looking beautiful impacted on getting what they want (70%) and that feeling attractive improved their confidence (93%).
Identifying with this finding, beauty influencers drive trends and brand sales through their social media accounts, generating and maintaining followers, while sparking interest from brands that identify with their personal brands.
“Millennials depend on social media for their news, entertainment, and trends but not through advertising; they look for visual inspiration from people that they identify with – the influencers of their interest,” says Kathoria.
Locally, the influencer market is growing steadily; beauty fanatics like Aisha Baker (Baked Online), The Threaded Man, Bonang Matheba, Hencoe Beukes, Cynthia Gwebu, Mihlali Ndamase, Aldytha da Silva (Make-Up Your Mind), Jaydé Mouton (The Glam Doll Diary) and Laurina Machite are inspiring their followers with personalised techniques and subsequently driving beauty product sales and trends.
Building on an existing event with a solid foundation, The NWJ Bridal & Events Show, Kathoria and her forward-thinking team hope to drive this market by giving local beauty influencers, brands, and designers a platform to show off their creativity and demonstrate their trends at The NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience in March 2018, set to be the ultimate cosmopolitan beauty and wedding experience.
“We want to embrace some of the characteristics of the Millennial generation through The NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience, such as celebrating diversity, expressing your identity and a strong focus on experiencing life,” says Kathoria.
The NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience, takes place from Friday, 2 to Sunday, 4 March 2018 and will showcase pioneering beauty trends together with bridal masterclasses, hair and make-up tutorials, brow artistry, male-grooming trends, innovative brand product sampling, live interviews with social media influencers and leading beauty brand ambassadors, make-over shows and competitions. For more information about The NWJ Bridal & Beauty Experience, visit

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