Local organization UNITY, South Africa is pairing up with Los Angeles cinema company,
Hcorp Group, to bring Kanika Kapoor to Durban alongside some of our finest local talent
in a heritage day extravaganza. The international company has sourced all forms of
artistic influence through the local organization, UNITY, in order to assist them in reaching
their goal of re-energizing the arts and culture industry here in Durban. KZN pantsula,
gumboot, hip hop and contemporary dancers will perform alongside the international
artist with sound, audio/visual, lighting and film elements all controlled by up and coming
local companies like SAS Productions.

This international collaboration culminates in a heritage series. One hundred (100) film
students will partake in vital engagement with key industry players. Following this will be
the feeding of one hundred (100) underprivileged children at the Durban ICC through The
Gift of The Givers, all of which to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s Centenary. The
concert is the last installation of the series and treats the ICC as it is a film set first and
foremost with audience members acting as extras, having a first-hand look into the life of
on-set, local professionals. Local dancers and technicians are set to take the stage
alongside both the international artist, Kanika Kapoor, as well as a handful of international
technicians – sharing knowledge always.

An unique event like this is not to be missed. Whether you’re a student or a humble
patron – learning and entertainment is instilled in every aspect of production, employing
local artists every step of the way through UNITY and Hcorp Group.
For more information, please feel free to contact UNTIY founder and Executive producer
for the Kanika Kapoor Heritage Day Series: 079 526 4589 (Jemma van Breda)
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Jemma van Breda:
Executive Producer
Born and bred in Durban, South Africa, Jemma van Breda has made it her mission to put
KZN on the map as an Arts and Culture capital. She has represented South Africa in
multiple disciplines with her first adornment of green and gold being at the tender age of
ten years old. After competing and achieving overall champion divisions at the World
Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, she was awarded a scholarship to the
prestigious, Millennium Dance Complex and trained with the likes of Abby Lee Miller, Matt
Stefanina, Misha Gabriel and Twitch Boss. However, her passion lay in the roots of South
Africa’s raw passion and diversity of art forms and thus, she found herself coming home
to evolutionize its Arts and Culture industry – using the power of film and online media to
do so. Now, her organization, UNITY is tackling the creation and development of the very
first official Durban Arts Precinct where growth, sustainable employment and regular
content creation will be the agenda. Through bringing international talent to Durban and
connecting local artists to global organisations, her goal is to give all creatives a reason to
stay in South Africa.
UNITY South Africa:
A unique video-based, content creation and live performance platform based in Durban.
Giving artists of all kind, a reason to stay in South Africa.
We’re not a studio, not a company, nor or are we an academy. Instead, we are a body that
strives to become a one-of-a-kind platform for the art forms of dance, music, acting, film,
editing, special effects and performing arts and all things creative operating nationally and
internationally. Through cultural upliftment and the re-energizing of the arts industry in
South Africa, UNITY aims to provide artists, both young and old, with a reason to stay in
South Africa. Starting this goal off with the creation of Durban’s very first official arts
On a global platform, through the use of skills transfer and video, UNITY uses the power
of performance and youth development to share the art created in our space. Essentially,
we put the control into the hands of the artists themselves as we act only as the platform
and location for all free forms, whilst employing developing artists. We direct international
and national workshops, talent exchanges as well as content creation and freelance
Our focus is not only on giving a voice to all artistic, dance, acting and music genres, but
also to those on and off the camera – directing, editing, producing, cinematography and
photography to name a few. UNITY is a one-of-a-kind platform as our learnership
programs employ those who usually wouldn’t be able to afford tertiary education, train
budding interests and develop innovative youth-driven styles.
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Essentially, our vision is based upon three distinct pillars:
Creating employment and development for all artists through workshops, classes and
project-x video creations.
Providing the basis for talent exchange and bursaries that allow our artists to grow and
succeed far beyond the limitations of one style/genre.
Creating a network platform that establishes a direct connection between all artists in the
South African Arts and Culture industry.
Pairing up with key international bodies like Hcorp Group is vital in developing our local
talent whilst limiting the artistic brain drain we suffer both locally and internationally. This
collaboration is a branch off from our last which saw local dancers being taught and
awarded scholarships by Kendrick Lamar’s, Betty Rox and Beyonce’s, Amy Morgan.
UNITY is determined to create a pool of all-inclusive creative talent – consistently
engaging them with International bodies such as Millennium Dance complex, New York
Film Academy and Hcorp Group to name a few.
The Learnership:
Spearheaded by UNITY South Africa
On the 19th of September 2018, UNITY South Africa in conjunction with Hcorp Group will
be hosting a film seminar with some of South Africa’s finest local celebrities, industry
professionals and influential organisations.
The purpose of this seminar is to expose 100 film creatives to the many opportunities that
filmmaking can create for them. Currently, it is South Africa’s fastest growing industry and
we want to do more than just show students that there are jobs in film. We hope to inspire
students to take creativity into their own hands and add to our growing film industry.
Engagement is key to a growing industry and is something we find many students and
vested filmmakers struggle to find/don’t know where to look. The various engagements
that will take place throughout the learnership will act as motivation for the students, by
allowing them to meet and learn from local celebrities and members of government
organizations. Additionally, the Kanika Kapoor event at the Durban ICC is a hybrid neverbefore
seen. First and foremost – arena 4,5 and 6 act as our film set – the audience our
extras. Therefore, treating this concert is very different and requires a different way of
thinking. We intend to cover the magnitude of this event’s actions above and beyond a
one-night performance. The changing of lives is exactly what our behind the scenes team
is capturing throughout the event, including this learnership. Additionally, twenty lucky
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participants stand the chance to be selected for the Kanika Kapoor live concert set
experience – ten of which will find themselves gaining valuable live-set experience on up
and coming films shooting in Durban. To name a few – Hart Media, the Durban Film Office
and ‘Insert Name Here Productions’ are some of the innovative companies that will be
present throughout the learnership.

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