“Hope is a mystery that forseen the beauty and the victory of the future. It is hope that testifies in our hearts that our nation will overcome this deadly virus. Our blessed and beautiful nation has been through a lot of challenges and difficulties. And we overcame them all, and we keep on overcoming because we are the children of the soil. The soil that strengthen our feet to stand firm in all circumstances. This deadly virus will soon be added to our records of victories. Our struggle continues, but our victory is assured. Losing is not in our dictionary, we can’t spell it, we can’t pronounce it.”

The South Africa government has been doing a wonderful job to cure the infected, and to further reduce the spread of the virus. The President and other distinguished leaders have been hands-on from day one, in combating this virus. Nevertheless as a nation we have to agree that it is impossible to make everyone happy, or even to reach everyone’s expectations while trying to save lives.

“Perfection doesn’t really exist it is just the imagination appreciating commitment to excellence.” For instance leading a family, a school, a company, a church, a sports team even a choir is not easy. So imagine leading a nation. It’s not a child’s play. We have to try to be positive and supportive to our President and his officials. Negativity has never won any battle, it only brings; fear, confusion and distress. We have to live positively then we will be rewarded with healing and restoration.

I am personally impressed by our leaders in the forefront of this battle. Saluting also the endless and selfless efforts and sacrifices of our medical personnel. “You people are angels in human bodies.” I could also like to extend my appreciation to Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer, and Patrice Motsepe for their donations that will make a huge difference in winning the battle against corona. Many South Africans have different views on this billionaires donations, nevertheless this is not time for a dialoque on race, neither politics. This is the time for our nation to unite, despite the race, gender, status, religion and political differences. So we won’t allow ungrateful people with senseless opinions to divide us. We shall unite against all odds, because we have now a common enemy and that enemy is Covid-19.

The day our President announced the 21 days lockdown of our nation, I felt that it was necessary. “But my mind and heart where racing in the same speed.” Trying to convince myself how will the less privileged, the unemployed, and the hustlers put bread on the table. However deep in my heart I knew that it was a strategic way to stop the spread of this virus. The next day when I saw my President making some rounds, monitoring the situation. My eyes were heavy with tears, considering that his one the freedom fighter’s who fought against apartheid. And now his on the street fighting Covid-19. Making sure that I and my family and the nation as a whole we don’t cease from existence. I then knew that I can’t seat and hide or do nothing. This is my motherland, and it is my responsibility to fight for it, even to die for it, if necessary.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to be outside, and I must obey my President. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I shouldn’t do anything to help my nation. I am more concerned about our economy. I am afraid that more jobs will be shed, and unemployment rate will sky rocket. I’m concerned about the hustlers. They will battle to pickup the pieces after this. Therefore I am inspired to raise funds to help the unemployed, vulnerable and hustlers. The 21 days lockdown will pass, the Covid-19 will soon or later be history. I am more worried about South Africans who will carry the economic burden and the frustration of leaving from hand to mouth on daily basis.

I am inspired to write atleast 19 inspirational poems. And I will name them “letters of hope, covid-19.” The letters will concentrate on health, economical, family, leadership and faith issues. And I will sell per copy for R19. The copy will be send electronically. The donor will have an opportunity to choose between the 1st and the 19th letters. We can just call it favorite number option. A donor can even collect all the letters. The mission is to have 1 million buyers of this letters. If 1 million people donate R19 for a copy of a letter of hope, then I’ll be able to raise R19 million rands. The vision is to assist the poor of the poorest to start something that will put bread on the table. Because the inflation will affect them more than anyone, after the Covid-19 battle. I quote Mahatma Gandhi; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I am humbly requesting; the media, religious leaders, companies, and political parties to assist me to make South Africans aware of this initiative. It’s only through awareness the mission can be accomplished. And the media can play a huge role in ensuring that 1 million South Africans donate R19 in exchange for a letter of hope, an inspirational message. Please share my contacts and email address. I hope my President becomes the first one to donate and get his letter of hope. “I strongly believe that leadership is not a career, but it’s a calling that comes with great responsibilities.”

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