Okay Durban, we need to face the facts – load shedding is here to stay!  The recent social media feeds have been inundated with griping, complaints, whining and some death threats too. So, we decided to look at the glass half full instead of half empty and look at the “brighter” side to load shedding.
After you’ve drained the batteries on all your electronic devices, and moaned about how much you hate Load Shedding (we all do…) perhaps try out a few of these!
1. Spend some quality time with your family without the distraction of technology, maybe play a board game or charades!
2. Read that great book you’ve been meaning to read that’s been lying on your bedside table for months (the one you gave up on when you became addicted to Candy Crush) – just grab a flashlight and after the initial juggling, you’ll be so engaged you might not even realize when the lights are back on!
3. Have a candlelit dinner. Ambiance by Eskom!
4. Take a nap. Seriously, just sleep it out.
5. Go outside and stargaze – when was the last time you really looked up at the night sky? /Go outside for some fresh air (because boy, is it warm inside…)
6. Learn how to braai or cook a potjie. (It’s either that, or dinner at 10pm!)
7. It’s sweltering hot! Jump in the pool if you have one, or draw yourself a lukewarm bath.
8. Drive to your nearest hardware store (while ranting about power cuts) and buy yourself a generator… this one is a bit of a long shot.
9. Try to suppress the withdrawal symptoms of having no wifi.
10. Find a restaurant near your house that’s open during Load Shedding, and set up camp there until the lights are back on.
11. Fun one-on-on time with your significant other. I mean come on, lights out and candles…
12. Eat ALL the ice-cream! (sure it’s only two hours but rather safe than sorry, right?)
13. Visit friends and family in different Load Shedding Zones (catch up, charge your phone, use their wifi…)
14. Learn how to meditate – the silence and darkness with a few candles will make you a pro in no time.
15. Most importantly, remember not to panic. (It’ll be no time before you’re up and running again!

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