Watching movies is one of those wonderful things in life that can transport you from your every-day-blah to a world of fantasy, a world that can bewitch your mind and ensnare your senses…So when we heard we were hosting a movie night, we knew immediately that it would have to be magical! And for magic there is nothing greater than Harry Potter!

We, at I Love Durban, are huge Harry Potter fans and have watched the movies many times (it never gets old!) and so we were keen to test it out with our cool new toys – the Samsung LED Smart TV and Samsung S4. All dressed up in our proud Hogwarts House colours and spectacles we gathered for a night of Harry Potter, popcorn, butterbeer and well mannered frivolity.

Mission Samsung was a-go! The night started out with socializing and snacks and even a little LARPing (that’s Live Action Role Play for the muggles here) before we settled in to watch not one – but three of our favourite Harry Potter movies!
The TV has tons of cool functions that we played around with – the most thrilling for us was of course being able to control the TV with a Samsung smart phone… Can you say spell binding? As a wizard, you have a choice in implements, but everyone knows a wand is the ultimate in magical cool, but here in the muggle world I’d be most happy to settle for the Samsung device! It worked like a charm!

Aside from using the smart phone to control the TV, we also managed to get it to turn on the aircon and sound system!
The TV has a variety of modes for different watching experiences – although movie mode would seem the obvious choice, we found that the dynamic mode made the already stunning effects a visual smorgasbord, the colours were vibrant and the picture quality sharp as a tack.

Two movies in we decided we needed a break from the Wizarding World, so we surfed the net and checked out our twitter feed on the TV and we were seriously impressed by the user friendliness and quality of the apps, and love how accessible the Smart Hub makes usage. A few #welfies later we settled in for Harry’s final installment.

And then, before we knew it, the witching hour was upon us, and our night drew to a close. Our movie night was a really awesome, unashamedly geeky night which we all thoroughly enjoyed thanks to #MissionSamsung

We look forward to the next challenge!

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