The most magical trees in the world and Durban’s Jacaranda is one of them!

You probably pass by countless beautiful trees everyday, but do you really notice them? It’s about time you start thinking about the beautiful life-forms you see… and learn about some new ones.
Many of us have driven around Durban and never truly appreciated the natural beauty that our city has to offer.
Take these trees for example. They seem too incredible, beautiful or strange to really exist, but they do. And they’re awesome.
1. This rhododendron shrub in Canada is over 125 years-old and it’s still going strong.
2. Meet The President, one of the largest sequoia trees in the world. You can find him in California.
most magical trees in the world
3. A 144 year-old wisteria in Japan is amazingly beautiful.
4. Rainbow eucalyptus trees are tropical, and these can be found on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.
rainbow eucalyptus
5. When the cherry trees bloom in Bonn, Germany, it’s truly a wonderful sight to be seen.
cherrt bloom
6. The dragon blood tree in Yemen looks alien, but is completely real. Its sap is even dark red.
dragon blood
7. These jacarandas on Venice Road, Durban South Africa are spectacular. Their purple blooms are gorgeous.
jacarandas in durban
8.The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland are dark, mysterious and beautiful, all at once.
nothern ireland
9. This gorgeous Japanese maple in Portland, Oregon, is an explosion of color.
10. Relax and gaze into this maple tree tunnel, found in Oregon.
row of trees

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