SOUTH AFRICA – Considering the option of renting a co-living apartment in the city, but concerned it may not be for you? Darren de Leur, Managing Executive at HOMii Lifestyle offers some tips for successful Community Living.

He says that whilst it’s the latest property trend taking South Africa by storm – Community Living or Co-living is not a new concept for South Africans. “For centuries, the average South African has successfully shared their living space – often not only with family, but extended family and friends too! South Africans, by nature, are resilient, hard-working and accommodating. A spirit of Ubuntu is not something that can be learnt, it is simply who we are, and this is why the concept of Co-Live, Co-Work and Co-Play is so inviting.”

de Leur adds that making Co-living work for you will be easier than you think. “As with living at home, mutual respect and communication are key, and with all the benefits of Co-living – from cost effectiveness, flexibility and networking to convenience, safety and security – it is most certainly worth putting yourself out there!”

He offers the following 4 helpful tips for Community Living:

Respect the rules: Whether it’s rules about safety, guests, noise or privacy don’t dismiss the rules. Remember you are sharing a living space, everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable, just as much as you do.
Be involved: Engage with your fellow HOMii’s. Build relationships with them. After all, that’s one of the reasons you chose to Co-live, Co-work and Co-play! Find people with the same interests as you, get involved in activities and you will find this way of living a rewarding experience.

Communication: Above all this is the most important tip! Like any good relationship, communication is key. Keep lines of communication open and honest and when dealing with issues that may arise (and they will – we are all human!) take a straightforward, but respectful approach.

Be friendly and approachable: Building relationships takes time and effort and you definitely don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Take time to listen to those around you and be willing to adapt to the needs of others. Be understanding and accommodating and your requests are certain to be met with the same tone.

“This collaboration lifestyle is not only an affordable option, it also allows you to be part of something; this environment gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with like-minded individuals and create a community you are proud to be a part of. The best part? You can rent for a day, a week or longer! So, if you decide it’s not for you – you can move!” de Leur says.

If you are looking to move to the city, HOMii is launching their new building in Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, Durban on 7 December 2019 at 5:30pm. More details can be found on HOMii’s facebook page

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