The New York Times Suggests Durban as a Top Destination for a Winter Escape.

Durban has done it again! An article written by JOSHUA BARONE, a New York Times Journalist has recommended that the people of New York escape their icy cold winter by heading to our beautiful City of Durban.
In the article titled “Near or Far, Head South to Escape the Winter”, Barone  suggests the best places to escape the New York Winter. According to the article, New York seems to “be trapped in a winter of extremes — cold snaps, snowfall” and most Americans are familiar with Cape Town and Johannesburg, but if you are feeling even more adventurous? Go to South Africa. No, not Johannesburg or Cape Town. Go to Durban! Durban is in the process of reinventing itself to steal some of the spotlight from its neighbours.

Durban Beachfront - Kierran Allan

Durban Beachfront – Pic Credit: Kierran Allan

Recently Durban was named as one of the top destinations to visit in one of the world’s most prestigious annual lists – the New York Times ’52 Places to Go in 2015′ list. In fact it’s included in the Top 10 at position number 7.
For decades Durban has been overshadowed by Cape Town and Johannesburg. The world needs to discover what Durbanites have known all along . That Durban is one of South Africa’s most amazing destinations – a city that captures the best of the whole of Africa – with a mixture of beautiful beaches, local art, warm oceans (yes, even warmer in winter than Cape Town’s ocean in summer), friendly people, a fantastic mix of cultures, cool restaurants, wonderful weather, awesome art galleries and all within close proximity of the incredible Drakensberg Mountains and exquisite game reserves up north.

Awesome Pic of our Beachfront – Pic Credit: Mike Hobson

Writing in the New York Times, journalist Sarah Khan says Durban “is often scoffed at by Capetonians and Joburgers for being a touch gauche. Well, enough of that. The city’s creative set is staking its claim on a hefty share of the country’s cool quotient.”
Other recommendations for a getaway were:
– St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
– Campeche, Mexico
– Cuba
– Singapore
So Durbanites, get ready for an influx of New Yorkers looking to get away from the icy weather to our warm, beautiful, friendly city – Durban!
Read the original New York Times article here.

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