Durban’s Nightlife To Get A Revamp  After Survey Results Show A Need To Improve It’s Offerings!

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Durban Tourism will be looking at ways to improve the nightlife offerings in Durban after a sample survey indicated that only 20% of tourists were exploring what Durban had to offer at night. Durban Tourism has commissioned a broader study to determine how “viable and active” the city nightlife was.
Philip Sithole, head of Durban Tourism said that the study will look at different models and plans that can be implemented effectively to ensure that they city’s nightlife will get itself back on track and offer tourists a wider range of things to do. He noted however that these plans and models will depend on council approval, saying, “It will look at the current by-laws.”
The survey, which was conducted in October was done in order to establish if there was a nightlife offering in Durban and what percentage of people attended these venues showed that the figure was only 20%. This is a low figure considering that most visitors to the city stay on average 3-4 days, which means that there is a need for more nightlife options.
Durban Chamber of Commerce chief executive Dumile Cele said that although the nightlife has improved in Durban over recent times, it is confined to just a few vibrant “nodes” like Umhlanga,  Florida Road and Maxs Lifestyle in Umlazi. She went on to say, “Durban’s nightlife still lags behind Joburg and Cape Town. It is still far from where it can be.”
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The George – Durban

She went on to say that tourists were embracing whatever was on offer as part of the night-life in Durban but were left  hanging after 10pm when most venues closed. Durban, who enjoys a year round flow of tourist to the sub-tropical climate, including many visiting delegates for various conferences could definitely enjoy the substantial input into the economy from  better night-life options.

Suggested Planning And Approach

Sithole said that the planning around developing the nightlife will look at striking a balance between the residents that lived in popular nightlife areas as well as the revelers populating clubs and restaurants in the area. He said that entertainment areas will be developed “in a “managed approach”.
Nicole Graham, a Glenwood Councillor said that the city needed to develop entertainment zones, like that in Florida Road. She sad, “People go to to one place and if they don’t like it they can go somewhere else – and that’s what makes successful entertainment districts.”
Proper controls and stricter security were needed to get an enhanced nightlife off the ground, Graham went on to say. There is much truth behind this as the survey conducted indicated that low figures of people enjoying the nightlife could be attributed to them being “fearful” of being out at night.
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