Ode to the Samsung Smart TV

For the last month or so we, at I Love Durban have played host to the spectacular Samsung Smart TV, and I must say, It was the perfect house guest, never leaving things lying around or finishing all the hot water! It arrived with a boxful of gifts and it didn’t just use our home as a resting stop, it invited us along for the adventure!
photo 2
The last three weeks have been filled with good times with the Samsung Smart TV, We hosted parties together, exercised together, caught up on the latest news and gossip, and all in the most brilliant HD.
photo 1
I can’t put in words how impressed I was by this TV.
I usually couldn’t care less about picture quality, but now, I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to watch anything on a normal TV ever again!
photo 5
It all started the day a huge box arrived at the ILD headquarters, chock full of goodies and of course the most beautiful TV I have seen in recent years, it was shiny and sleek with metallic detailing… But I soon learnt that it was more than just a pretty face! I was mesmerized by the crystalline picture quality. Watching TV was no longer a mundane task used to fill time, it became an experience! I looked forward, everyday, to getting home to the Smart TV!
photo 3
One of my favourite things, remains to be, being able to control the TV with the Samsung Smart Phone (small minds…?)… But it really is that cool! Not only can you control the TV using your phone, you can also sync the device with the TV and display photos taken with the device in beautiful HD Quality and even stream videos!
photo 1
Which brings be to my next favourite thing! The fact that the smart TV can be connected to your wifi means something remarkable for those of us too impatient to wait for our favourite series to premier on South African TV. Streaming internet content straight on to the TV rather than going through the hassle of downloading series and movies on a PC is a dream!
The Smart Hub speaks for itself. The apps are what makes this already special TV, remarkable. There is a wide range of varying apps to meet pretty much your every fancy. I loved reading my morning twitter feed of a 40″ screen.
photo 4
I definitely developed a bond With the TV( some might even call it unhealthy.. well they would, if it weren’t for the fitness apps that got me back on the exercise wagon!) and it would definitely be a crying shame to see it leave!
Thanks to Samsung SA for leaving your TV in our care! It truly was a privilege!

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