Around June each year, word gets out along the KwaZulu-Natal coast that the sardines have arrived. They have swum for more than 30 days from their spawning ground in the Cape to reach the shores of Durban, just to pay us a visit! This frenzy has been a tourist attraction for years and it leaves people in complete awe at the amazing wonders of nature.


There are so many different ways to experience the great sardine-run craze, whether it is from the coast, from the deck of a boat, underwater or even with a snorkel. Sounds like a lot of fun hey? That is exactly what Durban is all about- fun and adventure!
Durbanites, do not miss out on this amazing winter activity. By the end of July they are gone – disappeared just as suddenly as they arrived, vanishing into the great blue beyond which leaves everyone appreciating the wonderful the ways of nature.
African Dive Adventures offers sardine-run packages of five nights and four days at sea along the Wild Coast. Seal Expeditions has put together a package that will ensure you get the most out of the sardine run. Enjoy six nights and seven days of phenomenal marine-life action (scuba diving, snorkelling or surface viewing) while staying at the beautiful Mbotyi River Lodge.
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Seal/ Expeditions
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We’re all about trying out new things here on the East Coast and once that Durban fever gets you, there’s no turning back! The Sardine- run is definitely the place to be.
Even if you do not enjoy the wonders of the sea world, you can indulge in the most divine sardine dishes. You can also be a part of the onshore activities, such as boat rides and photography, or just simply enjoy sparking up your day up by just being out in all the hype.
By Kreanne Jaipal

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