“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education”
– Nelson Mandela
In South Africa, 4 million girls (aged 13 to 19) from lower-income households are absent from school each month during menstruation, according to UNICEF.
Providing these girls with the means necessary to attend school on a daily basis is certainly not beyond our power, the solution being as basic (yet as crucial) as access to sanitary pads.
This Nelson Mandela Day (18th July 2018), Gateway is teaming up with Project Dignity – a non-profit organization that endeavors to help young women reach their full academic potential, by providing them with reusable, environmentally friendly Subz sanitary products, sustainable for 3-5 years. From 9am-6pm at Cavendish Court (opposite Circus Circus Gateway), there will be an activation where shoppers have the opportunity to empower young women by donating a set of Subz panties and pads at the cost of R190. Any monetary donation towards the sets (whether by cash, EFT, Snapscan or Zapper) will also be welcomed and appreciated. Gateway will match all donations on product 1:1 – our aim is to ensure that at least 1000 schoolgirls receive a set.
Take Action, Inspire Change. It is certainly in our power to Get Our Girls Back to School.
You can find out more about Subzpads at www.subzpads.co.za/ and Project Dignity at http://www.projectdignity.org.za/about-us/

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