The Beloved Royal Cat at the Oyster Box is Missing. Please help us find him.

If you are a regular at the Oyster Box, we are sure you would have encountered the famous resident Royal Cat Skabenga. He has undoubtedly become an iconic feature at the hotel and sadly has gone missing since yesterday.
Joanne Hayes, Publicist for the Oyster Box, confirmed that he was last seen yesterday and when he did not turn up for breakfast this morning, the staff at the hotel were concerned.
This appeared on the Oyster Box Fanpage, and we have been asked by fans to help in the search to find the beloved cat Skabenga:
“Many of you know and love our beloved Royal Feline Resident, Skabenga.
We are all terribly worried as he hasn’t been seen on the hotel property since late yesterday afternoon. This is so unlike him – he seldom misses a meal!
Please keep a look out for him – we are missing him terribly and most concerned.”
Skabenga and cats in general do not wander very far off from their home and the furthest that Skabenga ventures to on the property is the guard house. According to Joanne, camera surveillance has been checked and he was last seen yesterday afternoon.
According to Skeabenga’s very own Facebook Profile, he hasn’t been feeling well and this was posted:
“Skabenga – where are you? Your family and friends at The Oyster Box are so very worried.
Skabenga Oyster Box was last seen late yesterday evening but hasn’t been in for his usual breakfast or even a cup of tea today and as he wasn’t feeling well on the weekend – we are beside ourselves with worry.”
If anyone has any information as to where our royal feline is – please let us know.
Staff have searched the property extensively since this morning and Skabenga has not been found. The search for him has now continued beyond the Oyster Box Hotel into the neighbouring areas.
Wayne Coetzer, General Manager for the hotel expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the concern by everybody for the loveable cat and hopefully he is returned home soon.
For updates on the search for Skabenga, please follow the Oyster Box Facebook Fanpage and if anyone sees Skabenga or has any information on his whereabouts, please contact the hotel on 031 514 5000.

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