Cape Cobra Becomes An Internet Star After Being Spotted On A Cape Town Beach Over The Weekend!

Twittersphere is a buzz at the moment with a two meter long Cape Cobra slithering it’s way into internet stardom after being spotted on a Cape Town beach. On Sunday morning, Cape Town resident, Jeffery Rink, while out on his regular Sunday walk spotted the snake. After photographing the reptile, he ensured the safety of the snake, beach walkers and dog walkers by ‘herding’ the snake to safety on the nearby grass dunes.
Since it was spotted and the pictures loaded onto social media, the Cape Cobra has gone viral across South Africa. The hashtag #CapeCobra was trending on Twitter in the Western Cape region, with residents saying that they would be extra vigilant when visiting the beach from now on! Many residents expressed their shock on social media regarding the size of the snake.

Cape Cobra Spotted Going For A Swim In Cape Town

Cape Cobra Spotted Going For A Swim In Cape Town

Popularity of the snake has grown so much that it now has it’s own Twitter account. @Cape_Cobra tweeted “Can I not take a stroll without being f#&$ing photographed!” The sighting, although leaving some amusing jokes all over the internet, has freaked beach goers out across the country.

Are Durban Beaches Snake Free?

Durbanites have been concerned about the chances of snake spotting on our beaches. Snake and reptile education expert, Shaun Macleod said that Cape cobras don’t normally grow that big.

Snakes in the Pacific Islands region are known to travel from island to island so it is not impossible to see one near water.
Macleod said that it’s not unusual for the reptile to go into water. 

“They soak themselves in the water when they are about to shed their skin, so their skin gets irritated.” When 

asked how dangerous it could have been for people to come into contact with the cobra, the snake expert said it’s not very dangerous.  

“The only time it would be dangerous is if you physically tamper with it, 98% of people who are bitten by snakes are bitten because of self-infliction. In most times, the snakes won’t attack you but will move away from you.”

Snakes Look For Cool Places During Hot Summers

Snakes Look For Cool Places During Hot Summers

Summer in Durban generally sees an increase of snake spottings around the city. Urban environments provide food, shelter and water for snakes, especially during hot summers. Residents are warned to be more vigilant as snakes are known to found in areas such as thick bushes and wood piles. Make sure that your garden is always in check; mow your lawn, clear out dense vegetation and prune your trees to keep branches away from open windows.
Stay away from running or walking through piles of leaves as this is a popular spot for many snakes, including venomous puff adders to be laying beneath. Best to take a stick and check through the pile first before trying to clean it away.
Puff Adders Ar Dangerous And Easily Camoflauged In Leaves And Bushes

Puff Adders Ar Dangerous And Easily Camoflauged In Leaves And Bushes

The public is urged to not try to catch or kill any snake that they cross paths with. If you happen to come across a snake, try and stay perfectly still because a snake can only ‘hear’ through the ground vibrations. If you are far away enough, back away at a slow pace until you are a safe distance to move away from the snake. However, if you are bitten, try and identify it as soon as possible as this will help the doctor to treat you.

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