We are so thrilled to see our city and our local eateries being featured on CNN’s world’s 23 best cities for street food. Now, we have always known that Johnny’s Roti’s are famous amongst our Durban locals, but seeing these small, iconic but humble restaurants being acknowledged locally is truly remarkable.
A few days ago I Love Durban launched the #lovelocal campaign which is an initiative to showcase and give local business an opportunity to showcase their products and services. So, now that international news giants are showcasing our city, it only reinforces our belief that Durban has so much to offer both locals and tourists.
Here is an excerpt of the article that appeared on CNN:
Sidewalk vendors, push carts, holes in a wall — even in cities with rich reputations for fine dining, some of the best meals are on the streets.
Places like Hong Kong have blurred the line between haute cuisine and quick comfort food, as humble dim sum diners win Michelin stars.
That’s still the exception, but most chefs on the street aren’t looking for that kind of recognition.
They’re cooking for crowds who pack around their stands day after day.
Here are the 23 best cities in the world for street food, from quick snacks to moveable feasts.
Durban, South Africa
Perhaps it’s because of Durban’s lovely year-round weather, or maybe it’s the Indian influence, but the city is southern Africa’s reigning street food champ.
Local culture and cuisine is a blend sourced from Zulu, Indian and white South Africans, who each bring a little something to the mix.
The city is known for its curries, which over the generations have adapted to South African ingredients and tastes.
Little Gujarat, on Prince Edward Street downtown, is a humble but revered institution that remains true to the classic Tea Room takeaway, says Louis Foerie, a Durbanite and tireless advocate for the city.
It’s vegetarian-only, and offers the distinctly Durban bunny chow — a hollowed out half-loaf of bread filled with curry, like an edible takeaway container.
Sunrise Chip & Ranch, better known as Johnny’s Rotis, is open 24 hours a day for comforting rotis.
“It’s great to soak up the munchies, said Foerie. “The ultimate Durban street food experience supported by generations.”

Johnny's Chips n Ranch Roti's - street food at its best!

Johnny’s Chips n Ranch Roti’s – street food at its best!

Afro’s Chicken, which sits by the beach, grills up its poulet to order and offers shaded seating with an ocean breeze.
You can read the full article here: cnn.com
So remember to #lovelocal and support  local Durban businesses!

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