The Secret is Out!! And you can win R250 000 in great prizes too!

For three days, the BIG orange box in the Sky had Durban baffled. Finally, The Secret is out! The stunt was part of SA Home Loans Secret Stash competition on East Coast Radio to win awesome prizes.
thesecret is out
There’s R250 000 in prizes waiting to be won in the giant orange box, and you can win it all. To play Secret Stash, all you need to do is SMS “Secret” and your name to 33116. You then have to keep listening to East Coast Radio, and they could be calling you to guess the Secret Stash. SMS are charged at R1.50, t’s and c’s apply.
secrets out ecr
As soon as the box went up on Monday morning social media networks were abuzz with speculation on the contents of the box. Some of the guesses ranged from a car to diamonds!
secrets oput orange box
This creative, ingenious marketing stunt had social media platforms and Durban abuzz with curiosity and excitement. Those involved the campaign remained tight-lipped, and revealed nothing for 3 days, until the unveiling this morning.
The brightly coloured box, which is suspended from a crane outside the Crescent shopping centre, can be seen from miles away.
secret box revealed
So if you think you know what’s inside, get guessing and send those sms’s. If you can guess what’s in it, you can win it! SMS “Secret” and your name to 33116 – SMS are charged at R1.50, t’s and c’s apply.

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