There are quite a few adventure activities right here in the heart of the Midlands to whet that appetite, and being so close to your home, and closer than you think!

If heights are a thing for you, why not hop on a hot air balloon ride? A perfect way to start your morning is with a cup of your favourite warm beverage and to enjoy the quiet – with a different perspective of KZN!   Hot-Air Ballooning is “the new high”, where you float within the clouds several hundred metres in the air. It’s certainly a picturesque, adrenaline filled experience that you have to do at least once in your lifetime.

Another activity up high is the Kranskloof Canopy Tour, which takes you through the Klarkloof forest reserve. It’s 100% safe and offers awesome views of the forest, waterfall and the valley below. If you are a nature nut, you may be lucky enough to spot a number of raptures and other beautiful indigenous birds to the area. The entire tour takes about 2 hours and consists of 12 platforms, 10 zip line slides and the longest being 200 metres. So much fun for the whole family, and can even be done by children from 6 years to the older kids of 80 plus. Be sure to make your booking, as there are specific times that you can set off in.


If you love taking in the sights with a little less adrenaline, then book a horseback ride and enjoy the meanders beautiful countryside. Remember to book in advance, should you wish to take advantage of the Midlands Meander Horse trails. Rides take place Monday to Sunday between 9am to 4pm.


If speed is your thing, hire a bicycle and explore the Midlands! There are a number of top class mountain bike and trail running opportunities from the 200km purpose built MTB single track paths, and you could be lucky enough to spot local wildlife on the various routes, such as small buck, porcupine, bush pigs and if you are super lucky, the black backed jackal or caracal. If you are keen and want to find out more, go to or find them on Facebook.


For the avid fly fisherman, the Midlands Meander is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the country. There are so many great isolated locations with awesome views and the opportunity to catch that shrewd smart trout, bass or yellow fish. And the only noise you are going to hear will be from the birdlife and neighbouring farm animals. So get those flies and dust off the rods and “tackle those fish” when next you head off to the Midlands.


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