There is definitely something magical about experiencing a moonrise in Durban. We never thought of watching the moon rise at night as anything special before, until we saw it’s beauty reflecting on the expanse of the Indian ocean. Watching a moonrise, with a glass of wine at one of Durban’s hottest spots should definitely be on our list of things to do.
Here is the list of our top 5 favourite places to watch a moon rise:

  1. Elements at Beverly Hills
  2. Oyster Box Bar
  3. Sky Bar at Maharani
  4. Roma Revolving Restaurant
  5. Bel Punto – Umdloti

Life in the city moves at a manic pace: morning, work, gym, walk home, eat, sleep. It never occurs to us to actually watch it rise. Sure, we have gazed at the moon many a-nights, whether in our cars driving home or while sipping a cocktail at the Oyster Box Bar–but have you never watched it rise?

Most people love the beauty of sunrises, and rightfully so, but it has to be said that a moonrise feels quite majestic in its own right.
Sometimes the moon is as bright as the sun. It’s impossible to photograph from a camera phone because it’ll just show up as a white dot in a black square.

You won’t be able to catch its elegant movement or the thousands of glittery stars that surround it. No, no… It’s something that can only be experienced.

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