We are so proud of this iconic structure being chosen by CNN as one of the Worlds Most Beautiful piers yesterday. The distinctive whale bone structure has also won the South African National Award for Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement.

Although the pier has been featured in thousands of images, this Umhlanga pier isn’t just a place to grab a great photo. What many of these visitors don’t know though is that the pier was actually built to assist with the dispersal of storm water into the sea.

Before the pier was built storm water used to be discharged onto the beach at Granny’s Pool.  A large underground box culvert was constructed from Lagoon Drive and the pier is a continuation of the culvert, taking the water directly into the sea.

Both locals and tourists love taking a walk onto the 80 meter long Umhlanga Pier to enjoy the view of the coastline and the Umhlanga Lighthouse close by.
Photo credit: Kyle Woodenberg

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