Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, according to respected statesman, Nelson Mandela.
In the spirit of a man who took humanitarianism and transformation to a whole new level globally and in celebration of Mandela Day today (July 18th), Umlazi Mega City adopted the SOS Education Campaign – which stands for Support our Schools – in an attempt to help improve the quality of education in the country, with their main focus being specifically on their community. In doing so, they aim to provide hope to future generations.
Umlazi Mega City and its full staff complement implemented the SOS initiative by partnering with its local community hospital, Prince Mshiyeni. They took to renovating and redecorating the children’s playroom in the paediatric ward. This particular ward heals children suffering from malnutrition and who are generally hospitalised for long periods of time without any mental or educational stimulus.
The room was decorated with colourful murals and loads of colouring notepads, reading and educational books as well as toys for the children to enjoy.
Umlazi Mega City has been instrumental this year in a number of community projects, from that of the Rise Against Hunger feeding programme, where they hosted a food packaging event. This provided meals for Tholulwazi Creche in Umlazi and iKwezi crèche in Lamontville.
Apart from today’s paediatric hospital visit, Umlazi Mega City are also running an ongoing charity driver where they will be collecting books and toys for the rest of the children’s ward at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital , with the support of local entrepreneurs, tenants and celebrities.

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