Granny Mouse Country House & Spa has just been shortlisted for 2 internationally recognised awards.
The first is for the HAUTE GRANDEUR HOTEL AWARDS 2018 nominated for Country Hotel, Country House Hotel, Luxury Hotel and Spa Hotel.
The Haute Grandeur Global Awards was established as an independent and unbiased initiative to honour the very highest achievements from across the global hotel industry in 2014. Unbiased results are guaranteed by placing emphasis on quality feedback from guests, rather than quantity of votes by a panel of judges or general public.
The second is for the HAUTE GRANDEUR RESTAURANT AWARDS 2018 where the Eaves Fine Dining Restaurant has been nominated for Best Food Styling/Presentation; Best Gourmet Cuisine; Best Hotel Restaurant and Best Wine Selection.
The Haute Grandeur Global restaurant Awards celebrate the global restaurant industry. The Awards inspire excellence and ignites healthy competition in the Luxury Restaurant Industry.
In order for them to stand out from the rest, the public are encouraged to vote and rate the Hotel. The vote is based on excellence and thus the Hotel rated the best overall will ultimately be decided as the winner.
Voting is now open and closes on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018.

To vote, please visit to vote for Granny Mouse Country House & Spa as your favourite hotel to vote for Eaves Fine Dining restaurant as your favourite restaurant.

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