The public is urged to be aware of planned maintenance on the Midmar Treatment Works from 08h00 to 00h00 on Thursday, 26 January. This totals 16 hours for the planned maintenance to be undertaken.
Affected areas are those serviced by the Midmar Dam and include the Outer West, Inner West and parts of the South. Residents are urged not to increase demand on the system by storing water. Water will be available to residents from reservoirs.
However, the public is urged to not stockpile water as it will put the reservoir system under strain. If there is a demand on the reservoir system it will lead to the reservoirs being drained and residents will be without water.
The public is therefore urged to use water conservatively. If the planned maintenance does not go ahead, this will be communicated to the public. The maintenance will be deferred to a later date if officials are unhappy with the water levels in reservoirs. These levels have to be at 80 percent or above for the planned maintenance to go ahead.
When the planned maintenance begins at Midmar Dam on Thursday, 26 January 2017, water will be available in the reservoirs. If we all use water sparingly we will not be affected as water will only run out if used excessively. Do not store water. Please do not panic.
This is the statement that was posted on the City’s social media platforms:
“We are currently in drought and we urge residents of eThekwini to reduce their daily water intake by 15 percent to ensure that all residents get a share of the limited water supply.
Currently, the Municipality is faced with a challenge of distributing the limited water supply to the different areas because not all residents have heeded the call to save water. This is resulting in uncontrolled water outages.
We implore all residents of eThekwini to use water sparingly and reduce their water usage in order to ease the effects of the current drought situation.
If we do not implement water saving measures, this could result in widespread failures of the water supply systems and majority of the population will not have water for an extended period of time.”

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