EThekwini Municipality is installing water restrictors to over 500 000 households in the City to save more water during the current drought crisis. The city’s current water pressure will be reduced after the installation of these restrictors.
It has come to the City’s attention that there are individuals who are charging home owners to install restrictors.  Please note that the installation of these restrictors are free of charge and the restrictors are not for sale. This is one of the City’s many interventions to combat drought.
Residents should note that Municipal officials and contracted companies installing restrictors will not be coming inside the houses; however they will be installing these at a water metre outside of the house.
If anyone poses as a Municipal employee and demand payment for the installation, they should immediately be reported at the nearest police station.
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According to previous media reports at least 80 contractors had been sent around the city on to start fitting water restriction devices to more than half a million (mostly domestic) water connections.
The  city’s plan was to install at least 2 500 of the tiny water restriction washers daily in the water pipe connections entering homes across the city. The washers had holes of differing diameter drilled through the middle to reduce the volume and pressure of water entering homes. This would avoid the need to cut off supplies entirely at certain times, and was expected to help the city comply with a Department of Water Affairs directive for Durban to achieve an immediate 15% reduction, to preserve  levels in the Midmar and Albert Falls storage dams before the dry winter months.
Together, we can successfully reduce the impact of the drought by changing our behaviour every day. It is possible to reduce the amount of water we use. We can all do it.
Play Your Part. Save Water Now!

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