I Love Durban Fans in JHB, now have an opportunity to win Tickets to this Amazing, life changing event.wealth2

Some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, life coaches and success stories get together in Johannesburg over a period of 2 days in a wealth summit to show you the way. What makes this event unique is that these are South African business people who have legitimately built themselves from the ground up – the focus of this event is to deliver content so that every person gains useful information from the experience.
To Win Double Tickets to this Amazing Event and learn from the best all you need to do is email your name and cell number to win@wywnews.co.za.

Take that life changing decision now and join an elite group of international leaders, who will 
show you how to:

• Recognize an opportunity for success as soon as it appears, and how to act on it
• How to stay on top of your game with the latest technology, talent and tactics
•How to organize your way of thinking so that success is the inevitable outcome
• How to achieve and then maintain complete financial freedom and a Life of Choice
• How to plan your future and avoid would-be obstacles
• These leading international speakers and success stories will share how they got to where they are now, and what the best strategies are for achieving success in the future.
• They will show you how the best route to success is to let your mind be infected by the positive wavelengths and influence of those who are already successful.

Win Tickets to Wealth Summit

Win Tickets to Wealth Summit

Why is the Wealth Summit important?

If you are presently living in a world which you have no control over, a world that has been planned for you, one that you aspire to break free from and taking control over your own destiny, then this wealth summit is the event for you.If you are committed to changing your life for the better, this is an experience that will put you on the right path.
• We will pinpoint how you have been responsible for where you are now, and guide you on how you can change that.
• We will let you in on where people who are “in the know” are investing their money and how you can become a magnet to life-changing opportunities.
The GREAT NEWS is… With the correct guidance and training ANYBODY CAN learn the correct mindset and take control of their own financial freedom. This is the reason why the Wealth Summit in South Africa!


•  In your chosen career
• In your financial aspects
• In your relationship with others
• In your health, happiness and overall satisfaction
To Win Double Tickets to this Amazing Event and learn from the best all you need to do is email your name and cell number to win@wywnews.co.za.


29 November 2014 @ 9:00am
30 November 2014 @ 4:00pm
Cost From:
R 495.00
Midrand – Constantia Hotel
546 16th Road, Midrand 1685, South Africa
GPS: -25.975860, 28.133230

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