Here we are, once again, finding ourselves gearing up for the World Asthma Day.

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World Asthma Day is being held on the 7th of May 2019, with World Allergy Week taking place from the 7-13 of April 2019.  Asthma, as you know, is an important health issue in South Africa, affecting approximately 15 percent of children, and 1 in 20 adults.  This year, one of our primary focuses is education of our children and, through them, the parents.  The more exposure we are able to receive, the more information we can disseminate.  This is our ultimate goal, and your help is crucial!

Media exposure is the key towards raising this awareness around the country, and we are asking, once again, for your valued participation in this cause.  We are available any time in the run up to the World Asthma Day for interviews, or in the week thereafter.  What we would contribute are the press packs, as well as potential interviewees; these would be either members of our Executive Committee or other key opinion leaders within the asthma field.

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We are also running a comprehensive Social Media Campaign, via our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Any promotion of that would be most welcome.

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